1. My King

    About: ‘Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever’, the complementary close of ‘Our Father’, the Lord’s Prayer. Whoever heard of a kingdom without a king? Who is your king? If you would ask me who is mine? I would say: ‘Have you got a minute... ?‘


  2. What about hell?

    Some years ago I was at a party and someone came up to me and said to me out of no-where: ‘I don’t believe in hell anymore’ he used a dark grumbling voice, turned his head and made all kinds of funny faces and came with his head very close to my face rolling with his eyes apparently to scare or impress me.


  3. Not risen?

    Nowadays most miracles in the Bible are not believed any more by many people, even within the church, mainly due to the influence of the Enlightenment era and evolution (, I think). As a result, the general conviction is that everything we cannot understand rationally, according to todays accepted human standards (science), or do not experience nowadays anymore, should basically be considered nonsense.


  4. The danger of conspiracy theories

    Many people today believe in conspiracy theories. Are they blessed with deeper insight? Or, are conspiracy thinkers maybe missing or ignoring something? Who is right? What are the consequences of it, or why would it even be dangerous, as I claim? I’ll explain.


  5. Turned away from the truth

    We live in times where people have exchanged the truth for the lie. Conspiracy theories are widely believed, not in the least place because the mightiest man in the West is spreading them, unprecedented, like never seen before and without any proof. Yet people believe them anyway. But not only just people, also Christians and therein lies a problem.


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